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The area of ​​Caiaphas and unrivaled located in the Municipality of Zaharo. Includes the Ionian Sea and the extensive sandy beach, the magnificent pine forest of Strofylia the plains and mountains of the mythical terms Lapitha at the foot of which lies west of the source of Anigridon Nymphs and east of the source of Gerani groove. The spas have their authority, in mythical times.

Pausanias mentions that the lake existed at the time of the historic river only Anigros who took the name from the cave of the Nymphs Anigridon. Our ancestors believed in the great cave to the west inhabited by nymphs. One was Kalliafeia from which came the current name “Caiaphas” the second, and the third went to Iasi where attributed and iamatikotita waters.

Some have suggested the existence of a fourth nymph named Synallaxis. Another tradition of the smell of the water indicates that there resorted to wash and cleanse the wound of the Centaur Nessos hit by the arrows of Hercules. In this centaur instructed Heracles to spend his wife Dianeira Acheloos river. In the middle of the River Centaur wanted to rape the Dianeira.

The voices of de Hercules from the opposite shore, the Centaur toxefse and he then fled to the caves to wash his wound. The thermal waters are rich in hydrogen sulfide. The climate is free from strong winds, atmospheric changes and thermal fluctuations. The temperature remains throughout the bathing period from May – October between 20th-30th C. The lake was great and rich hunting waterfowl. With the inexhaustible treasure hunt and fish the lake was wonderful farm and place the survival of local residents. Hunting balizas was systematically in the lake with canoes because of low flight of these birds.

Myths and stories Caiaphas

Many ancient browsers talked about that strange place where the water came with the strong smell of the rock, where the two rivers come close and where the ground was swampy and dangerous. In ancient times visitors came to the area because the spring water that came through the cavew in the rock of the Lapitha had healing properties.

The odor of the water they said that was because the centaur Chiron came here and washed the wound that had caused the poisonous arrows of Hercules.
Another version says that the Argonaut Melampoda here threw the formulations used for the cleansing of the daughters of the mythical king of Argos Proetos. They both brag about their beauty to the Hera punished making them mad.

The Christian tradition, in turn, claims that are bathed to meet Caiaphas sank in when traveling to Rome. According to one version the waters contaminated by miasmeno body. In another version, the water refused to treat the judge Jesus and kicked the filthy waters.