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South of Krestena at the boundary of Ilia and Messinia, in the département of the Peloponnese and very close to the extensive area of ​​ancient Figalias is the canyon of Neda.

The National Road Patras – Pyrgos, Kalamata follows the contour of the coast and the Ionian Sea stretches the open horizon to the west. But the region is not only distinguished for seafood beauties. Behind the rugged mountains and steep slopes in the east, lies a wonderful mountain world that keeps the bowels of entrapped a small but beautiful mountain river Neda. Point approach is the summer resort of Kyparissia with endless beaches good hotels and the impressive medieval castle. Rushing cypress, there are many people who follow the narrow road that leads after 18 km in the mountain village of Platanias. From this narrow dirt road leads visitors to the canyon of Neda.

The old stone arch bridge marks the beginning of the hike. The path marked by informative panels coordinated with the river and disappears into the dark embrace of the gorge. The difficult path, climbing the edge of the gorge until you come across the small waterfall with water galazolefka (because of rock crosses). At the bottom of the canyon appear the big brother throwing the water from a height of 20 meters. The overall process for the crossing of the gorge from the beginning to the end, requires 7 to 8 hours. In some places walking through the river is mandatory, while others have even swimming!