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The church of Saint Theodora is a unique phenomenon and is one of the most remarkable sights of Arcadia. The church was built between 1050-1100 in honor of Martyr Theodora. Located near the village of Megalopolis Vasta an idyllic wooded ravine with dense forest of huge oaks. Road access is from the Isari after a beautiful downhill, about half an hour. In this small church for nature miracle. Seventeen huge trees are germinated on the roof, while the foundations of the gushing waters of a headboard.

This must be because the church is vaulted with stone and enough content in soil. In this little earth sprang originally a yew that slowly grew and threw and its own fruit. So onto the roof of the church grew quite holly, maples and kokorevithies the tradition attributed to the miracle. However, according to tradition, osiomartys martyred for her faith and was executed here by the pursuers. Shortly before performing, he prayed: “Lord … make the grave my sprout trees testify to protect your virginity to me.

And my blood be water to irrigate. Amen.” So after her death seventeen trees withstand any wind, sprouted miraculously around the temple. Regarding the historical truth there are several beliefs. According to a visa (Bishop Theophilus Metropolitan Gortinos and Megalopolis “Saint Theodora of Vasta Megalopolis”) of Saint Theodora, to meet the obligations of her family, disguised as a man and enlisted in the army of Byzantium as “Captain Theodore”. There, on conspiracy, accused unjustly for lawless acts and killed at this point.

Another theory (A. Baka, “Theodora, Queen – Respect – August & Holy. Church – monument in Vasta Arcadia”) argues that Saint Theodora Theodora Augusta was the daughter of Emperor Constantine the Macedonian dynasty, who is said to have reigned like a man from 1055 until 1056. The Augusta Theodora allegedly Michael F of soldiers succeeded with the movement became seriously ill and died while in others allegedly killed himself and buried here.

500 meters from the church, following the headboard is the “Watermill” beautiful location surrounded by greenery. Here was formerly watermill. In place of today’s holiday center. The mechanism of the mill has been restored by the owners and operating normally. The church attracts every year thousands of pilgrims and visitors. Celebrated on September 11.