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The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Fragkapidimatos founded in the 14th century and is located 280 meters above sea level, 12 km north of the Tower, the homonyms hills near Vounargo. Now the pilgrim easily driven from the monastery bypass, the road with asphalt that bypasses the highwayTower – Patron Kertizeika position.

Upon delivery one Frank was persecuted by the Turks jumped with his horse off the cliff into the void, invoke Agios Nikolaos, without indestructible, donate it to many estates. The monastery Women who are 16 nuns, with the Reverend Sister Magdalene Bach.

It was restored after the earthquake of 1993 and has a new, spacious and majestic Byzantine style church. The sisters previously dealt with embroidery textiles, which were awarded the Fair of Thessaloniki.