Athina Olympia Hotel

Stands majestic and impresses with its volume as if suspended in the bedrock. 800 years ago residents saw their evenings in a hole of the rock a light.

Hung with rope someone who found the image of the Virgin Mary floating. The monastery celebrates on August 23. Thousands of pilgrims staying at Vespers and on the day of the feast, flock to venerate the Virgin Mary. The monastery receives thousands of pilgrims during the entire year.

From the balcony of the church, the visitor will see all the beauty of the land of Elis by forest Foloi and magnificence of Erymanthou. Visitors can go to the monastery of the village or the Lanthi LAMPETIA at 8km. In both cases, the scenery is gorgeous. Today the monastery has 17 monks, the Reverend Sister Nymfodora Drakopoulou.